Shouting at your audience on social media just doesn’t work.  Don’t force your products on your followers. Most people hate being sold to. Car salesmen are to blame here.  Maybe only the sleazy ones, who wear plaid brown suits and smile with a toothpick, trying to sell you a beat-up old Ford Tempo.

Yep, definitely blame those guys!

Your marketing campaign should have a series of messages and presales, in order to create buzz before the actual landing.

 This guide aims to help you optimize your social media & online sales and marketing tactics, with intelligent marketing strategies.  Because this is the 21st century after all and no one stands on soap boxes anymore.  Show people why you are an authority in your industry.  Build trust and loyalty and people will be far more willing to buy what you are selling.  

7 Reasons a consumer follows a Brand on Social Media.

Before we go into Marketing Tactics…these statistics are from a survey conducted by trafficsherpa.  They reveal that the top three reasons for following a brand, all include buyer intent. As businessmen and businesswomen, we need to be making use of this intent, with intelligent marketing strategies!


Marketing Tactics to Convert Prospects into Customers!

1. Make sure your website has an active blog

 Give your audience a look into your business with great blog content.  It not only benefits your website engagement but also is greatly beneficial to your Social Media platforms. 

A blog is a perfect, and simple, way to create content worthy of being shared on social networks. Most importantly, a blog gives you the opportunity to present yourself as an authority in your industry.

Presenting yourself as an authority inside your specific industry is Key. Being such an authority helps turn first time buyers into lifetime customers, and allows for clients to trust in the purposes of your content.

2.  Up your Content Game


Creating great content for your audience to consume is part of what makes Social media fun.  And that’s exactly how you should look at it, while offering expert advice, keeping your audience entertained or inspiring them in some way.

”Buyers consume content before making a purchasing decision – in fact, 47% consumed 3-5 pieces of content before taking the first step towards making a purchase. – HubSpot”

Customers who trust your brand, are more willing to pay for the products and services that you provide.  Start by taking a look at what google is presenting as the top content, and make your content better.

3.  Include Prices


There is no point in surprising someone with pricing. Don’t waste your time by bringing people to your page without showing them the actual price first. This will lead you to no results at all.

Point It Digital Marketing agency notified 5X higher conversion rates when they included price in their Facebook Ads.

That’s just more proof that people do in fact understand your offering, and with a clear price are willing to accept the price in exchange.

Don’t be afraid of showing the price of your service or product.  If you communicate the value behind what you are offering properly, then the price is a small concern.  

4.  Include Links on Social Media


Take every opportunity to link to your blog or a product from a status update.

Give your fans an excuse to explore the content of your site. They will find more of your authority content, and further, accumulate trust in your brand.

Plus it’s a really easy way to fill your Social media pages with content. 

5.  Use Teasers

Your marketing campaign should have a series of messages and presales, in order to create buzz before the actual landing.  These suggestions should help you get started:

  • You thought product A was a game changer? We can’t wait to reveal our most improved version of Product A2.0!
  • If you’re interested in solving problem B, this summer we are unveiling Solution B! We’ll be revealing more in June.
  • Product C is our most efficient Solution C yet! We’ve put X,xxx hours into developing an improved version, based upon our customer’s best suggestions! Our lawyers told us we had to wait until the new year, but we are just too excited about it. After caving in, our lawyers said we could tell you about it a month early! Stay tuned for the big reveal on December 1st!

Use the above given promotional templates to get your audience excited about what comes next.

6.  Capture Those Emails


Allowing for a free whitepaper, or a software trial, is still one of the most effective and accepted practices today.

While social media can certainly drive traffic to your site, capturing the email address allows you to maintain contact with the prospective client outside of the distracting social media environment.

7. Showcase your most successful customers


Testimonials are your proof that what you offer has made others happy.  It is a reflection that there is great value in what you are selling and it builds confidence in your new potential consumers. 

It’s such an important feature that Facebook offers it as a tool on business pages…use that feature. 

So… capitalize on this by telling stories about a few of your most successful customers. Focus on their experience, like it has been a journey. They had a pre-product issue. Your product came to solve their problem. And now their life is better after, because of it.

For this, you can refer to ChowNow’s customer testimonials. This brand uploads short videos showcasing before and afterlife of customers who use ChowNow.



8. Share positive feedback from your customers


An email that has painted you in a positive light, should be “cherished,” publicly. You could use it as an opportunity to speak directly to your audience, as the leader of your brand. Opportunities like this, are always a great way to reinforce the positive feelings about your brand.  

Take Note: Do not abuse this powerful technique or you will water down its potency.

9.  The power of video marketing

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a novella.”

A video is the least skipped form of social media advertising, thanks to the popularity of viral video content producers.


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