I started my design journey straight out of high school.  Art was always a great passion of mine and with the digital design world becoming more of a popular career option at the time, I decided to put my artistic flair to some good use in that field of study.   I completed my studies in Multimedia and animation in 2001.

Over the years I have gained great experience working for design agencies as a graphic designer, social media marketing manager, and web designer.   In 2015 my freelance journey began and I have had the privilege of creating content and building brands on social media and creating websites for some great businesses.

Social media is a great passion of mine and so I have made it my business to stay ahead of the curve in terms of understanding algorithms and changing strategy's with them as they change.  Building followings & upping engagement because let's face it, social media is no fun without engagement from your fans and followers.

Photography is also something I enjoy and I took that up as a hobby years ago.  I am most grateful for what I have learned from the photography game as it has definitely aided me in freelance business.  I am able to shoot and create both beautiful images and video content which is part of the work I do to assist brands in creating their online presence.

Thank you for visiting my site and taking a look at what I have to offer.  I look forward to creating something great with you and your brand in the future.


Carla Ciavaglia

Founder & Designer



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